Suntronics Australia | FAQ’S
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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Suntronic treatments if you have any other questions, we recommend speaking with your therapists or contact us for more information.


What are the benefits of the Suntronic Method?


When the skin receives energy from the combined Generator and the specific Electro charge cosmetic, its own natural mechanisms are reinvigorated. After regular treatments, the skin itself will change, and we are not just talking about the problem areas.

All skin involved in the treatment process receives the energy, so the entire area will look more elastic, balanced, and moisturised. It will become brighter and healthier. The Suntronic Method is a skin system, with active ingredients that achieve long term results without side effects.


What make this method so different?


Many products are received by the skin, but they are not retained and used by the skin itself. The Suntronic Method reaches right into the deeper layers – generally this is where we will find the source of the problem, so it is here that the natural healing process needs to begin. The treatment is directed where it can work more effectively and achieve lasting results.


Who is best suited to these treatments?

Everyone can benefit from the Suntronic Method and products. Some clients have perfectly normal skin and just want to achieve a healthy glow, or to look their best for a special occasion; others have ageing, dull skin and want firmness and hydration. But it is also highly effective for those with disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, pigmentation, redness, sensitivity and sun damage.

How many treatments are needed?

That depends on the severity of the problem and extent of damage. Years of research have shown that optimum results are achieved by a series of treatments close together.
  • Problem skin generally requires a series of treatments and continual diagnosis until normalisation and healing is clearly visible.
  • If there is no specific skin problem, treatments can be recommended every 4-6 weeks to ensure the skin remains fresh, rejuvenated, firm, energised and youthful.
  • In the lead up to a special event (such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary) a group of treatments will ensure clients have healthy, glowing, firm skin.
  • Four treatments at close intervals will rejuvenate and re-hydrate the skin, especially for clients who travel for work, have been on holidays or work in an heavily air-conditioned office.

It is important to reassure your clients that their skin might get worse before it gets better. The treatments begin in the deep skin layers, working from inside out to tackle the problem.


How often can treatments occur?


Treatments should be scheduled as regularly as possible, leaving a minimum of 24-hours. The treatments will work no matter how you group them, however the further apart, the slower the results.


How does a series of treatments work?


This is a recommended number of in-clinic treatments, performed close together.

  1. The therapist diagnoses the skin and recommends an initial series of treatments (the closer together, the faster the results).
  2. At the end of the treatment process, the therapist monitors the reaction of the skin and can detect the extent to which natural cellular renewal has begun.

The therapist can then advise on a break of 3-4 weeks from treatment, while the client continues to use recommended Suntronic products at home (This is important, as it will ensure the re-energising process continues).

3. After the break, you can check the progress of the skin. Depending on the skin problem, a second series of treatments may be necessary.

If the skin response is good, we recommend a regular maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks to continue the skin’s renewal process and to keep the skin in optimal health.


Do I have to have a series of treatments?


No, if there is no specific skin problem, treatments can be recommended every 4-6 weeks to hydrate and ensure the skin remains fresh, rejuvenated, firm, energised and youthful.


Why are home care products so important?


They are used to complement Suntronic treatments to accelerate and maintain rejuvenated skin. Research shows that skin improvements take twice as long to occur if home care products are not used to complement the series of treatments. New and updated products are continually researched and developed, under the principle of ‘effectiveness and safety’. Specific product lines have been formulated for every kind of skin problem, always using controlled and certified ingredients.


Can the home care products be used without treatments?


Of course, they can be used as normal skin care products, independent of professional treatments. All our cosmetic formulas contain active ingredients of natural origin as well as the electrically charged solution providing the necessary nutrients for each skin problem.