Suntronics Australia | Javier Castaño
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Suntronic Method is a Dermaser brand, our company philosophy focuses on innovation, quality, safety and effectiveness of our products.


The Suntronic Method products have been manufactured with care. It is not necessary to be a chemist to understand that creating formulas with over 20 ingredients is a complex task. These formulas must be effective and safe, and we have certified this with external laboratories to travel the world with all the guarantees. All our treatments have been valued in vivo with great results, but the best part comes to us from our users testimonies.


Every year we give up on the idea of modifying the method and it’s components because everything we try and see cannot improve what we already have.


I still get excited (but not surprised) with the results we obtain. When a beauty professional informs you that SUNTRONIC Method has changed their life

We are a company that proposes a method that works from the logic of the skin needs, that is why our SUNTRONIC logo’s baseline is “Skin Language”.


SUNTRONIC Method is different, we are unique in the professional cosmetic field. WE are something special for special people.


We know we compete with big brands, but we have got the solidity of our method, that does not follow trends, so much so that we keep a unique image different to all the rest.