Suntronics Australia | Nicole Bulmer
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The Suntronic Method was introduced into Australia in 1983. I was lucky enough to have the Suntronic treatments available to me in the late 1980’s as a client.


In my teens, I suffered from Acne and started having Suntronic treatments and using their products, I was extremely happy with the results. I did experiment with other products and treatments but always went back to Suntronic, there is nothing like it.


I guess that is where my journey started with skin and leading me into the beauty industry and then owning my own skin clinic, eventually selling it and becoming the distributor to this incredible skin treatment system, heading up the company Suntronic Australia.


From my business experience, clients keep coming back, buying the products and having the treatments because they are getting results. I believe everyone from the salon owners to their clients can benefit. The Suntronic Method is something incredibly special.


This also gave me the opportunity to work behind the scenes and support the therapists and salons. I see so many therapists diagnose someone’s skin and give them their recommendations only for them to go off have a treatment elsewhere because they get a better deal and buy products from a department store, a chemist or online, cheaper.

Suntronic Australia is about support and respecting skin therapists and the industry. The Suntronic Method is only available in Salons and clinics, being sold by professional beauty therapist. I believe the therapist needs to be in control of their salon and their clients and not dictated to with what they should sell in their salon or how much a salon needs to purchase.


Suntronic Australia is all about empowering the beauty therapists and salons to do what is best for their client’s skin. I still get excited at the amazing results and continuous loyalty that clients have towards Suntronic treatments and products.


When you have someone call you and tell you that they have used Suntronic in their younger days and have not found anything like it and not only do they want to continue using Suntronic, they would like to introduce their children to Suntronic products, it truly is heart warming.