Suntronics Australia | The Suntronic Method
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The Suntronic Method system is safe, non-invasive and relaxing. And you do not have to suffer from problem skin to benefit from its stunning results. Some clients have perfectly normal skin and just want to achieve a healthy glow, or to look their best for a special occasion. Other clients have noticed the inevitable signs of ageing and want to revitalise dull skin by firming and hydration.


But for those with disorders such as eczema, dermatitis, acne, pigmentation, redness, sensitivity and sun damage, the Suntronic range can truly be life changing. Our treatments re-energise inactive skin cells, helping to promote bright and healthy skin.


How does it work where so many other treatments fail? Most skin disorder therapies do not get below the surface – they treat the symptoms rather than the cause. The Suntronic Method gets right to the source of the problem, by working its magic many layers below the skin surface. Treatment is directed where it can be most effective, to achieve lasting results. Depending on your skin type, a series of regular, intensive treatments may be necessary. That is because the correction process begins in the deeper layers of the skin. Before too long, clients notice a significant improvement in their physical appearance.


You will look healthier, and as a result you will feel happier and more confident. And we are not just talking about the problem areas –every bit of skin being treated is re-energised, ensuring the entire area becomes more elastic, balanced and moisturised. By using Suntronic products at home, your skin will continue to normalise and revitalise long after the initial treatment. Another secret to the success of the Suntronic range is the formulation. With each product containing a specially formulated protein solution and active principles. It is then put through an electrically charged process increasing the efficacy in the active ingredients. The products do not contain ingredients such as petroleum, mineral oils, parabens and those other nasties.


They are 100% Italian made with a strong care for the environment. And are never tested on animals. Specific product lines have been designed to tackle every kind of skin problem, and you can be sure only controlled, certified ingredients are used.