Suntronics Australia | Research and Development
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Research is the driving force of the entire SUNTRONIC Method.


The research activity has always been the basis of the Suntronic production and philosophy. This is why Dermaser has laboratories with sophisticated and modern instruments, where a 20-specialists team (chemists, biologists, CTF and dermatologists) works day by day for quality and efficacy.


Continuous updates and partnerships, aiming to have innovative ideas for professional and home use products development, characterised by a high quality, efficacy and safety.



Our products are designed, formulated, and packaged in Italy, in certified establishments for cosmetic products development.



In vitro test in fibroblasts. Proliferation and production of collagen and elastin.


In vivo tests were carried our by an independent laboratory which includes:

  • 10 studies
  • 440 volunteers
  • 80 weeks study

All treatments of the SUNTRONIC Method count on safety and efficacy certificates, where excellent ratios if improvement in all tests performed, have been clinical demonstrated