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Back in the 70’s, Doctor Franco Donadelli created the concept Electrocosmetology. It is based on the use of electronically charged products in treatments of aesthetic problems of the skin. The Electrocosmetology is a discipline exclusive of Dermaser, we need to stress the fact that our method does not electrically modify the permeability of the skin.


Our method uses electrically charged cosmetics that carry the energy to the area of the dermis and epidermis where there is a lack. The As43 generator is an enhancer that promotes the movement of the energy and optimises the results.


In the beginning of the research, it was observed that the biochemical processes were not uniform in altered skins. After that they then began to focus on the causes of that behaviour, they discovered that altered skins did not have enough energy to develop the normal biochemical processes.


Cells are living organisms and they need energy. This fact led to studying a way to provide energy to the skin, this is the base of Electrocosmetology.


Normally, the energy is obtained from food, but this energy does not always reach its destination. The causes could be multiple: wounds, vascular problems, emotional problems, or the combination of them. Therefore, the input of energy from another source makes sense.


The body is a net made of cells that communicate to cooperate. Their language is energetic; therefore, a lack of energy is a lack of communication and as a consequence the internal processes do not develop their full potential.


The Electrocosmetology concept consists of an Electrocosmetologic solution that has gone through a specialised charging process. This Electrocosmetologic solution is use in all SUNTRONIC products, once it is applied to the skin, gets involved in many biological and biochemical process, such as:


Mitochondiral respiration

Mitochondria is the lung of the cell: it ‘inspires’ electrons and ‘expires’ ATP a source of energy ATP delivers energy, wherever energy is needed in the cell.


Passage of information

Each cell emits specific signals, characteristic of the tissue. Quantic biology confirmed that the transmission of information between two cells, or inside the same cell, is due by an electric “conversation” across electromagnetic pulse, creating a chain of echo across the cells. The enzymes and their genetic information that determines structure and function are strongly related to the electromagnetic signals.


Antioxidant action against free radicals

Free radicals are believed to cause tissue damage at the cellular level, harming our DNA, mitochondria, and cell membrane. Typically, stable molecules contain pairs of electrons. Free radicals contain an odd number of electrons.

Electrons is “THE” antioxidant against free radicals, responsible for premature ageing of the skin and other damages onto the organic structures.


Oxidation / reduction reaction

Another important and vital biological reaction is the oxidation – reduction reaction (redox reaction) in which the passage of electrons forms a molecule to another is involved. Many biological processes occur across a redox reaction.

Additionally the SUNTRONIC Method is completed with the AS 43 generator that favours the propagation of the SUNTRONIC products and charges the skin. The synergy between products and generator is the great strength of this method.