Suntronics Australia | Treatments & Products
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Treatments & Products


A professional beauty method which combines a bio frequency energy generator with electrically charged cosmetics. The formulas of our charged cosmetics emit a specific spectrum for each aesthetic problem, supplying the right energy and active ingredients to the skin cells.

Face Treatments

The Suntronic method treats several skin problems, always using the Suntronic Generator adding the specific products for the different treatments.

Body Treatments

Every professional treatment is completed with a specific home care line, so you can continue to treat your skin at home.

Home Care

Every professional treatment is completed with a specific home care line designed to maintain and improve the results obtained during the professional treatment.


What is Elettrocosmetologia?

Elettrocosmetologia is the science based on the principles of electricity and electromagnetism, applied to the biology of the skin, with the objective of providing energy through charged cosmetics.

  • Organic / Ecocert Approved

    Organic / Ecocert Approved

  • 100% Italian Made

  • 100% recyclable airless packaging

  • Not tested on animals