Suntronics Australia | Home Care
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Home Care


The home care range is a very important part of caring for your skin ensuring you are giving your skin the energy it needs every day. Every product contains the tradition of electro-activated solution.


The solution is a mix of selected amino acids, a very precious oligopeptides, hydrolysed glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid at very low molecular weight. Different active ingredients are added to the solution depending on the skin problem. Once applied to the skin; supplying the necessary energy to help the skin work at its full potential.


The range can be used without the treatments as normal skin care products, independent of professional treatments. With an in-salon skin consultation the therapist can recommend the perfect skin care routine to suit your skins specific needs.


For cleansing and toning of the skin.



For normalising and balancing the skin.



For firming and revitalising wrinkled and mature skins.



For brown spots and pigmentation.



For sensitive and reddened skins.


ElectroBody Beauty

For different body skin needs.


Click HERE for information on specific products that can be recommended to you by your professional therapist.

The products are manufactured with a special attention to the environment, from ingredients to production, to packaging to waste processes.

Suntronic products do not contain petroleum, mineral oil, PEG and PPG, SLES, LES, parabens or colours. All products are nickel tested and our products are not tested on animals.