Suntronics Australia | Product Information
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At Home Treatments


Our products are manufactured with a special attention to the environment, from ingredients to production, to packaging to waste processes.


Suntronic products do not contain petroleum, mineral oils, PEG and PPG, SLeS, LES, parabens or colours. All products are nickel tested and our products are not tested on animals.




ElectroAffinity Milk

Daily cleansing milk for all skin types, A gentle cleanser removes make up and impurities without damaging the hydrolipidic mantle. ElectroAffinity Milk contains inulin with it’s prebiotic action helping strengthen the normal defences of the skin.


ElectroAffinity Bio Tonic

ElectroAffinity Bio Tonic is more than a simple facial tonic, commonly used to remove the remaining cleansing milk and to complete the skin cleaning. Bio Tonic sticks to the skin to carry out the renovation of bacterial floral in the skin.


Bio Tonic is for daily use, even more than once a day when the skin is submitted to external aggressions that weaken normal defences.


After cleansing, the application of Bio Tonic performs an action of refreshment and renovation for all skin types. It can be used also in the eye area and it is perfect as aftershave (shaving is one of the most aggressive actions against the skin).


ElectroAffinity Scrub

A gentle scrub for all skin types. A cream with peach kernels carries a delicate scrub that gently removes dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. Clearing pores, helping the activity of the products applied afterwards.




For normalising and balancing the skin.


ElectroDerma Basic

Contains T.Revo Complex and Biolin. Basic is a product that balances all skin problems – impure skin, oily skin, pimples, dry skin, atonic and tired skin.


With the T.Revo Complex action energising the skin and maintaining energy supplied by treatments at optimal standards and Biolin restores the friendly bacteria of the surface of the skin, improving defences, restoring the skin barrier and balancing the sebum


ElectroDerma PreBio Cream

Sebum balancing cream with a prebiotic. PreBio Cream assists in normalising the sebaceous glands, lowering the production of DHT a hormone associated with acne in both men and women of all ages, by reducing DHT stops pimples in the beginning stages before they appear on the surface. Also helps reduce redness and clear existing blemishes.


ElectroDerma Total Action Cream

This cream has several actions all in one It acts at 360 degrees on all the skins necessities. Contains active ingredients with vitamin action against free radicals. It is moisturising, de-stressing, has powerful antioxidant ingredients restoring the most difficult skins.


Total Action cream is humectant, it assists in restructuring and maintaining the elasticity, protects against oxidative and environmental stresses, giving a healthy and luminous skin.


Total Action Cream supplies the necessary vitamins for skin wellness and antioxidants.




For firming and revitalising wrinkled and matured skins.


ElectroLift Hyalu Serum

A light serum that moisturises without the heaviness. As soon as the serum is applied it gives a lifting effect relaxing features and restoring contours. Over time the active ingredients hold large quantities of water, maintaining the hydration and firmness of the epidermis.


Furthermore, it slows the process of collagen and elastin, the breakdown characteristics of ageing and poor functioning skin.


ElectroLift Hyalu Cream

Very rich in active ingredients but light in feel and immediately  absorbed. Hyalu cream is nourishing and firming for tired wrinkled skins. Restructuring and reforming the elasticity and tone of the skin, increasing the smoothness and skin thickness, reducing the surface roughness and depth of wrinkles.


ElectroLift Hyalu Mask

Rich creamy mask based on derma active ingredients that penetrate through the skin layer. Moisturising, restructuring and strengthening the elasticity of the skin. This is a deep moisturiser for the skin, also remineralises, revitalises and energises the skin structure.


ElectroLift Hyalu Eye Gel

A superior eye gel, moisturisers, restructures and strengths the elasticity of the skin. Contains properties that have lightening and shadow fading actions as well as moisturising, draining and conditioning activities.


Hyalu eye gel helps control tone and microcirculation reducing puffiness.


ElectroLift Hyalu Eye & Lip Cream

A luxurious cream for the eyes and lip that is specific for devitalised, dry and delicate skin as it is the eye and lip contour. Contains properties that help prevent damage to collagen and elastin production. Also energises and improve the synthesis of new collagen, increasing the skins elasticity.



For sensitive and reddened skins.


DermaRose Cream

A light cream with a soothing, calming and redness fading action. Contains ingredients such as Aloe, Everlasting and Biolin.


Aloe is restoring, moisturising, soothing and calming on itching and reddened skin, also refreshing on sensitive skin. Everlasting helps to reduce the redness and inflammation typical of sensitive skin. Biolin is a prebiotic that helps to increase the natural defences of the skin.


DermaRose Mask

A rich creamy mask, moisturising and refreshing. It has soothing, calming and redness fading actions. As well as Aloe and Everlasting it contains Baobab oil this is very rich in alpha and beta carotene, fatty acids, sterols, amino acids and antioxidants.


Also contains, Shea butter this is very rich in vitamins and nourishing factors that not only smoothes, moisturises and revitalises but calms and soothes the skin.


Jojoba oil is for protection and hydration. Rice germ oil helps maintain the skins hydration without making skin greasy, it also forms a film on the surface of the skin helping protect against solar radiation and environmental pollutants.




For brown spots and pigmentation.


ElectroRedox Cream

A light rich cream immediately absorbed. Lightening, glowing and uniforming the skin tone, and fading brown spots. Contains ingredients that have lightening action making the skin brighter also a protector against UV oxidative stress, stopping the melanin production reaction and the first stage.


Contains mandelic acid which can be sensitive to sun exposure so apply a sunscreen during the daytime and do not apply during direct sun exposure ie. sunbathing etc.




ElectrobeautyBody Hydrasilk

Hydrasilk has moisturising and restructuring action, strengthening the elasticity of the skin. A light fluid emulsion immediately absorbed. Hydrasilk is very rich in vitamins and nourishing factors.


It has a high percentage of unsaponifiable, necessary to maintain the tone and the elasticity of the skin. Also, a high percentage of electrical-activated solution and Hyaluronic acid, making this a deep moisturiser.


Hydrasilk leaves the skin feeling like silk.


ElectroBeautyBody Xanthy Cream

A light emulsion, the skin looks and feels tighter and firmer due to the improvement of the respiration activity of the cells. Helps reduce skin problems caused by cellulitis. Very rich in actives like Glycoxantine and carnoxyn.


Glycoxantine is a water-soluble compound, due to it’s lipolytic potential, it is very effective in the treatment to reduce dimpled skin due to cellulitis, stimulating the mobility of fatty acids.


Carnoxyn is an ingredient that acts on the epidermis and dermis cells. It has a strong penetration power due to it special composition and is considered a cellular energy activator.


ElectrobeautyBody Ice Gel

A light cooling gel for the legs. Help reduce the feeling of heaviness in the legs and increase the microcirculation. Contains organic bladderwrack extract which has a slimming and reducing action.


Also contains Chestnut and Escin which work on the micro vessels helping to improve regulation and strength of capillaries. The use of peppermint essential oil gives an uplifting and intense freshness. Ice gel is refreshing and stimulating, reducing heaviness and swelling in the legs.


Electrobeauty Body Tonic Emulsion

A light body emulsion rapidly absorbed. Restructuring and tonifying, leaves the skin soft, more elastic and firmer. Contains active ingredients to help improve metabolism and microcirculation, tightening the skin and promoting collagen production. Wonderful for the décolletage, upper arms and thighs.